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Hi there! I'm Mary Tabeling, the Founder of aPeel Charcuterie.

aPeel Charcuterie was born from my passion of hosting and the joy that I receive from being around the table with my people, enjoying a beautiful meal.

I moved to Florida when I was 13 years old after spending my formative years split between California, Hong Kong and Wales UK. I met my Husband at the ripe old age of 16 at Melbourne Highschool and we have been together ever since, we are quintessential high school sweethearts. 

We have two lovely girls and are active members in our local church.

We bought our first house last year in the rural and quiet Bayside Lakes of Palm Bay, where

aPeel Charcuterie is based out of. 

I started this business as a way to bring an element of hosting that I love, to others in Brevard County. As Christians, we are called to give cheerfully and generously. Therefore we are committed to giving away 10% of all profits and look for opportunities to do more. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my corner of the web and hope you will invite my work to your precious life moment!

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