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Perfect for a two people, this board is a fantastic option to order to share with that special person in your life. Great for picnics, beach dates or just a night in at home. Also great size to bring for several to munch on for appetizers at a small gathering.


Every Board is custom made to order and will be served on 14 inch round disposable "board" made from palm leaf. It includes atleast 1 cured meat, 2 cheeses (1 hard, 1 soft) then an assortment of crackers, fruit, nuts and more.


There are also two seperate options to upgrade, you may choose to have the Board delivered on a rented Acacia wood board or purchase the board to keep. 


Rendezvous (14” serves 2-3)

  • This Board is served on disposable Palm Leaf "Boards" and therefore would not require the board to be returned. Delivery option can be selected at checkout.

    If you opt to pick up the Board yourself, we will provide you the location. Drop off will be required the next day after the event.

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